Clientis simplifies product data management

For many textile manufacturers, entry of products in the SAP system is extremely difficult due to the countless variations. Through a partially automated and much easier data entry method, Clientis optimized an input cockpit for the Holy Fashion Group and, thus, simplified its product data management.

A lot of product variations make data entry extremely difficult

Being a large clothing manufacturer, the Holy Fashion Group (HFG) has an enormous number of different products. Garments, such as men’s suits or even simple T-shirts, are manufactured in different variations, with different materials, in different sizes and colors, and with different applications. Through the many combination possibilities, there are always new product variations that must similarly be recorded individually in the SAP AFS standard software’s stock list.

The Holy Fashion Group uses SAP Apparel and Footwear (AFS), the SAP standard for the clothing industry. Although it is specially tailored to the needs of the industry, the maintenance of the production stock lists is very cumbersome in this system. All the necessary information is hereby entered manually for each garment variant: sizes, colors, as well as applications, such as lining, buttons, zips, or patches, must be entered manually by employees. The necessary input masks are not clearly outlined in one place but found in different windows, making it even more difficult.

All the important information in one place

The Holy Fashion Group turned to Clientis with the request of having the existing product data management cockpit (PDM cockpit) optimized and complemented with extra functions in order to simplify this process. The new interface was supposed to clearly combine all the important information in one place as well as help avoid cumbersome double entries. The company wanted significant simplification of the data entry, less complexity, and a noticeable improvement in usability for the employees.

In just six months, Clientis developed an interface that combines all the relevant parameters at a glance. The starting point for each case is the style of a product. Based on this, all the variations can simply and clearly be added using a matrix. In order to do this, Clientis first had to design a new virtual stock list structure. Here, the developers split the product matrix into single dimensions that can be easily maintained. Once entered, the data are then combined in the stock list by the system.

Due to the new structure, it is now also possible to define dependencies such as size or color. For example, if the same zipper lengths are used for a certain suit size, this can be specified beforehand. Based on this same principle, all colors that are available for a particular outer fabric can also be pre-specified. The system automatically uses this information to calculate the stock variations and provides these to the staff. Thus, the employees only have to add a few individual details to the particular items.


A perfect solution after 20 years of experience in the fashion & sports industry. As a renowned expert in SAP Apparel and Footwear industry solutions, Clientis has over 20 years of experience in the adaptation of the tools to the needs of companies in the fashion industry. Due to their extensive knowledge of the AFS tool, a large part of which they co-developed, the Clientis experts are also in a position to confidently overcome complex challenges.

After only six months of development, the first version was integrated into live operation in February 2015. Initially, just with a limited number of products. The next step is already under way. After July 2015, the PDM cockpit will also be able to map seasonal variations and further simplify the data entry for the Holy Fashion Group. For now, if all products must be added to the stock list (even after slight changes), the data can easily be edited and saved as a new version.


The first version of the PDM cockpit optimized by Clientis has already made it possible for the Holy Fashion Group to significantly reduce both the amount of time and error rate when entering product data. The new release, which is planned for the summer, as well as the continuous enhancement to include additional product groups should further this effect.

"Clientis has over 20 years of experience with the SAP Apparel and Footwear industry solution. Our customers from the textile industry will also benefit from this. You can rest assured that we will quickly and reliably provide you with appropriate solutions."
Miodrag Dick CEO Clientis AG

Holy Fashion Group

The Holy Fashion Group is a textile company from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. The company is one of the most prominent fashion and lifestyle companies. It designs, produces, and markets fashion and lifestyle products around the world under JOOP!, Strellson, and Windsor brands.

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