Clientis develops an integrated safe working load calculator for Jungheinrich

In 2013, Clientis developed an SAP solution for Jungheinrich that automatically determines the maximum load of forklifts. The automatic safe working load calculation is completely integrated in the sales order entry and variant configuration. This saves a considerable amount of time and helps avoid calculation errors. Due to the possibility of simulation calculations, it was also possible to improve the quality of advice in sales.

A small plate causes great trouble

It is a legal requirement that manufacturers of forklifts assign each of the vehicles a so-called capacity plate (safe working load plate) before delivery. The SWL plate informs the driver of the maximum load that can be transported safely. The calculation of load capacities is complicated since almost any changes on the vehicle can influence the results. The size and weight of the forklift, type of tires, type of the lifting frames, the desired transportation height, or the model of the fork tine are just a few of the factors that must be taken into account.

At Jungheinrich, one of the leading suppliers of industrial truck technology, inventory technology, and material flow technology, the necessary calculations were carried out separately. One employee would gather the necessary SAP data and manually enter them in an Excel file, where the necessary calculation formulae would be set. The forklifts from Jungheinrich are often adapted individually to the specific requirements of the customers. As a result, the safe work load of every special design must be calculated individually, making it more difficult.

Jungheinrich wanted to simplify this process and make it more accurate. Therefore, in 2013, Jungheinrich turned to Clientis with the desire to develop an SAP solution that automatically determines the maximum load capacity of forklifts. Together with the responsible departments, Clientis first created a requirements specification sheet and defined the project order. Following the approval from the company, Clientis initially developed the basic functions of the automatic load calculator in just six months. After a six-month field test, where the new tool had to prove itself, additional specifications were then defined and implemented in a second phase of the project.



Maximum transparency due to a seamless integration into the SAP variant configuration

The automatic safe working load (SWL) calculation developed by Clientis is integrated completely in the existing SAP system. The calculation is automatically carried out in the background, and the required data are acquired from the SAP master data. Clientis was able to completely integrate the automatic SWL calculation in the sales order entry including the variant configuration, which required extremely complex programming. In this way, it is ensured that every customer wish and every specification is taken into account for the calculation of the correct safe working load. Due to the integration in SAP, the calculations are now available to the company along the entire value chain.

Through the calculation of the required specifications for the SWL plate, other useful features also result. For example, the system automatically checks if a forklift has a new configuration variant or if Jungheinrich has already produced a similar vehicle in the past. This is important since each forklift is subjected to the tilt test. Here, the forklift is tested to see if it can actually carry the amount of load calculated by the system. If the configuration has already been tested, the previously acquired test values can be reused. Therefore, a repeat test process can be avoided.

In addition, the automatic SWL calculation also enables simulations. This makes it possible for the Jungheinrich technical order center to, as early as in the order phase, check if the wishes of a customer are technically feasible or not. The automatic SWL calculation also comes in handy in the marketing, design, and development departments.


Practical test passed without any errors – significant benefits along the entire value chain

The automatic SWL calculation has proven itself in practice at Jungheinrich since mid-2013. Since its introduction, the tool runs almost flawlessly and has completely replaced the previous complex calculations that were carried out using Excel. The calculation is less prone to errors compared to the manual entry in Excel. As a result, the quality of the calculated data has been raised significantly. Clientis also managed to integrate the new solution without any modification of the SAP Standard system. This ensured that future SAP updates can also be applied without any problems. Due to the automatic SWL calculation, Jungheinrich now benefits from significant time and cost savings as well as a considerable improvement in transparency throughout the entire value chain. The manual calculation has been replaced completely. The automatic comparison with previous calculations helps avoid unnecessary tilt tests. With the new simulation calculations, the quality of advice and customer satisfaction was also improved.

""It is often better to implement solutions within the existing SAP standards instead of coming up with additional applications. This way, the system remains fully functional even after a release change. SAP hereby offers many opportunities. One only needs to know them.”"
Miodrag Dick CEO Clientis AG

Jungheinrich AG

Jungheinrich AG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial truck technology, inventory technology, and material flow technology. It is the leading manufacturer of inventory technology in Europe. The Group is represented by its own sales and service companies in 31 countries both within and outside Europe. It has its headquarters in Hamburg.

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