Apparel and Footwear: Turning four into one

By combining the four previously separate systems, the sportswear manufacturer, HEAD, can now benefit from the hopes of synergies of a consistent, highly integrated ERP system that are linked with SAP Apparel and Footwear.

Making synergies tangible through system integration

The aim of the first joint project between HEAD and Clientis was the merging of the four previously separate systems. The international project was realized “in time, in budget” and, after only six months, put into production in the 2000/2001 turn of the year. HEAD can now finally hope for the synergies of a consistent, highly integrated ERP system that are linked with SAP AFS.

Satisfaction, effectiveness, and increasing motivation are the current opinions on the “new” software that had been viewed skeptically.


Starting point

The starting point was clear. Scattered across different countries, four separate operating SAP systems with a total of five clients unintentionally led their own lives. Despite great efforts, neither keeping the systems synchronized nor mapping the crucial processes for the operational business of HEAD was successful.

HEAD chose Clientis, because the outlined approach was credible for the attainment of a one-system landscape. Furthermore, Clientis was in a position to bring in both longstanding consulting know-how in the “SAP Standard” field as well as in-depth knowledge of SAP AFS.


Solution: Competent, seamless, to the point

A new approach that would straighten out this initial, non-optimal situation was needed. The following requirements hereby had to be met:

  • Setup of an independent competence center
  • Preservation of the current operation, also during the going live/start
  • Combination of the four systems with their five clients into a single system with one client
  • Transfer of all master data
  • Data harmonization
  • Transfer of inventory and movement data
  • Redesign of key processes

The new integrated system, thus, provides a basis for rollouts, new developments, and large-scale redesigns. The mutual transfer of expertise helps the competence center accomplish its tasks in a more capable and qualified way. After only six months of intensive work, we were able to congratulate each other for a first major success.


Success brings togetherness

The quality of the work carried out by Clientis is gratifying. For more than three years, Clientis has been supporting HEAD with:

  • Ongoing support
  • Redesign and simplification of key processes such as order processing, ARun
  • Introduction of new functions such as MRP, rescheduling, availability check for planning
  • Archiving
  • Optimization of order confirmations
  • Performance optimization
  • Tasks planned for the near future include:

– additional rollouts

– release change to SAP AFS 3.0

– integration of mySAP Business Suite with the mySAP CRM, mySAP BI, SAP Web AS (Internet) solutions

"The positive attitude towards the project and the strong willingness by all who were involved to wholeheartedly contribute with their technical and humane skills made the project enjoyable despite the time constraints."
Miodrag Dick Clientis AG


HEAD is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of sports items and equipment. HEAD is divided into four areas: • Winter sports • Racquet sports • Water sports • Popular licensing business brands that belong to HEAD include Penn, Tyrolia, and Mares/Dacor. The HEAD Group, which is publicly listed in New York and Wien, has its headquarters in Schwechat near Vienna and achieved sales of about $390 million in 2002. HEAD has currently implemented the SAP AFS solution in Austria, Germany, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Estonia, and France. These will soon be followed by Spain, the UK, and Ireland….

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