Clientis AG trains again new professionals in-house

Over the last years, Clientis has relied on training new professionals in-house

Experienced and skilled SAP consultants and developers have long been in high demand on the market, making it increasingly difficult to find new employees. Therefore, Clientis decided on initial and continuing in-house training.

In September 2015, four young employees started their three-year-apprenticeship as IT specialists in application development. A few weeks ago, Clientis acquired another four young employees who will start their professional career at Clientis as of autumn 2017. In addition to three IT specialists in application development, the company offers in this year also training for an IT specialist in system integration. Gaining new trainees for the whole three years of training lays the foundation for a sustainable increase in new professionals.

Not only trainees, but also new Junior Consultants and Junior Developers have joined the Clientis team during the last two years. Thanks to Clientis’ in-house approach called “Near-Site Development“, both the trainees and the young employees are involved in customer projects right from the beginning.

In doing so, senior colleagues receive the customer inquiries and, together with a detailed concept, hand it over to the internal team of developers, consisting of experienced young professionals, before implementing the task with the help of the “Clientis Development Optimizer“. Not until the experienced senior expert has performed a final quality check, will the customer receive its result. By doing so, Clientis can ensure the optimum outcome regarding function and costs.

„Clientis has been benefitting already now from the decision of initial and continuing in-house training. The young employees are very enthusiastic and highly motivated, bringing fresh impetus and new ideas into the company. It is particulary the mixture of adventurous career beginners and experienced professionals with their in-depth knowledge that makes Clientis special“, says CEO Miodrag Dick.

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