• "It’s great to work on a common vision and to experience this every day."

  • “At Clientis, I have lots of opportunities and learn something new every day.”

  • “I really like that my colleagues and I can work together on equal footing. Age and title are not important.”

  • “I am part of a great company and can still live where I feel at home.”

  • “My diverse assignments keep me keen and motivated.”

  • “It’s fun being able to implement my ideas to help the company grow. Clientis encourages independent thinking and initiative.”

  • “I enjoy working at Clientis because I can work independently but I am never alone.”

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    Felix K., Recruiter

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    Daniel G., SAP Technical Consultant

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    Hans-Peter M., SAP Senior Consultant

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    Constantin R., SAP Business Consultant

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    Thomas K., IT-Administration

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    Franziska H., Marketing and Sales

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    Michael L., SAP Technical Consultant



Experienced professionals

Join our team of professionals! We are looking for experienced SAP developers and consultants who value a collegial environment but also like working independently.


Career beginners

At Clientis, you have the opportunity to show what you are made of. Experienced specialists will coach you on the development and modification of successful, efficient, and standardized SAP programs – and you also get to have fun with it!


Why Clientis?

At Clientis, both young and experienced professionals find interesting tasks in a future-oriented industry with bright prospects.



Got your own style? We do too.

At Clientis, everyone is allowed to be themselves. Experienced SAP consultants, excellent IT business engineers, competent SAP developers and programmers, as well as target-oriented project managers all work hand in hand at Clientis. What brings us together? Our team spirit and passion for interesting SAP projects and solutions that inspire our customers.

Why choose Clientis?

At Clientis, both young and experienced professionals find interesting tasks in a future-oriented industry with bright prospects. Our task spectrum ranges from the classic dialog application to modern app development. We always strive to be much better than others are – for our customers’ sake, but also because it is simply fun for us.

Team spirit

We are a straight-forward, open-minded and friendly team. Everybody operates at eyelevel and is familiar with one another – both career beginners and chairpersons. We help each other, pull together and are having fun since we share one common goal we can only achieve as a team.

Feeling good

In the midst of the stressful everyday life, there has to be a sense of „well-being“. Whether we enjoy a cozy cup of coffee or a lunch break together, we take some precious time to laugh, philosophize or exchange information on the latest sports results.


No matter if we are having a barbecue, a Christmas party or if we are going on a joint trip to Gran Canaria: No event will be missed out. Keeping in touch with your colleagues during your free time not only strengthens the team spirit, but eases our common work.

Let’s party!

„Party properly, or don’t party at all!” If you are successful, you’re allowed to party – even longer than the bartender. But that’s no problem at all since the boss himself will then turn into the bartender, serving delicious drinks.


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Life Balance

The LIFE balance is of great importance to us – providing time and space for our job, free time, relaxing, family etc. There is no work-life-balance since, for us, our job is part of but not an equivalent for our life.

Taking responsibility

You want to take responsibility and develop on a personal basis? Everybody gets the chance to do so since all contribute to our common project. Those who give proactive input, are able to assess things and show commitment will be able to take on more tasks in a specific area.

Wherever you want to go

Your partner will move into another city? You’ve always dreamed of moving to Berlin? No problem! Every colleague is free to choose his/her city of residence since you do not have to live nearby our company’s location.


Individuality is all we ask for when working in a team and on our existing approaches. Creative minds, visionary thinkers and those who think „out-of-the-box“ are working hand in hand so there will be no „We’ll do it like this because we’ve always done it that way”. In every sector, INDIVIDUALITY is of great importance to us.


Experienced professionals

Career beginners